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Conference of PIAC’s Arbitrators
(Updated: 15/05/2015 06:09:13)

The conference of PIAC’s Arbitrators was taken place on 19 April, 2015 at 50th floor, Bitexco building 02 Hai Trieu street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

The agenda of conference consists of:

First: to grant certificates to 14 domestic arbitrators and 07 foreign arbitrators in the list of recommended International arbitrators of PIAC

Second: Discussions on PIAC’s arbitral hearing of the dispute involving foreign element.

This is an arbitral hearing on agent commission

The language to be used in arbitral proceedings is English.

Through Discussion the participants had got some experiences.

1. The study on the record of the dispute

The deep study on documents of the dispute is very important. Because the arbitrators need to understand the contents of the dispute in details when they participate in the arbitral hearing.

2.  The inquiry of the Plaintiff and the Defendant

After studying the record of the dispute the arbitrators need to prepare one list of questions for the plaintiff and one other list of questions for the Defendant.

Depending on what is happening in the arbitral hearing the arbitrators may change some questions or cancel any question being not neccessary.

3. The preparation of the Arbitral Award

The Arbitral Award often consist of severals parts:

a. The summary of the dispute

When the arbitrator prepares the summary of the dispute he has to base on the content of the claiming application of the Plaintiff.

b. The opinions of the Plaintiff

When the arbitrator summarizes the opinions of the Plaintiff, he has to base the content of the claiming application of the Plaintiff, the reply of the Plaintiff for the Defendant and the Plaintiff’s answers at the arbitral hearing.

c. The opinions of the Defendant

When the arbitrator summarizes the opinions of the Defendant he has to base on the content of the self – defense statement of the Defendant and the Defendant’s answers at the arbitral hearing.

d. The Tribunal’s analysis

After studying the record of the dispute and considering the opinions of the Plaintiff and the Defendant, the tribunal provides the arguments to accept or dismiss the demands of the Plaintiff and the Defendant

e. The decision: It must be drafted so clear and so short.

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