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Seminar on International Arbitration
(Updated: 08/04/2019 14:13:18)

On the occasion of the Delegation of the Chinese Arbitration Association (CAA)’s visit and work with the Pacific International Arbitration Center (PIAC), CAA and PIAC had cooperated to organize the Seminar with the topic: "Fascination and Challenges: Insight into International Arbitration from Taiwan to Vietnam". The speakers at the Seminar include  Mr. Nigel N.T.Li, President of the International Court of Arbitration CAA (CAAI), Chairman, Partner of Lee&Li Attorney at Law and Madame Winnie Jo-Mei Ma, Deputy Secretary General of CAA.

The Seminar took place at Kim Do Hotel (133 Nguyen Hue Ave, District 1, HCMC) on April 3, 2019. The attendants of the Seminar were Mr.Winston Chung, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cutural Office in HCMC; Mr. Simon Gong, Director Economic Division of Taipei Economic and Cutural Office in HCMC; Ms. Jane Y.C.Ko, Deputy Director of Taipei Economic and Cutural Office in HCMC; Mr. Alec Huang, First Secretary Economic Division of Taipei Economic and Cutural Office in HCMC; Mr. Vincent Tsai, Secretary General of the Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam; Mr. John Chang, Secretary General of Taiwan Business Association Dong Nai; Ms. Tung Pei Yi, Associate KPMG Legal Limited; and all arbitrators of PIAC.

Here are some pictures of the Seminar:


President of PIAC - Nguyen Dang Trung - had some words to welcome the Delegation of CAA and the distinguished guests from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in HCMC


Mr.Nigel N.T.Li had his presentation on the topic of the Seminar

Ms. Winnie Jo-Mei Ma had her presentation on the topic of the Seminar


A delegate has question with Mr.Nigel N.T.Li


PIAC offered the gift for the head of CAA


President of PIAC, speakers and all attendants


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